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Who We Are

Desert Lab Studio engineers routinely attend vendor/manufacturer certification training throughout the country to ensure domain expertise as well as our ability to offer truly innovative solutions that pair existing technology with technology created in-house.

Our Approach

Desert Lab Studio solution engineers maintain expertise in the technologies and applications that our clients use. These include communications technologies, EHR solutions, ERP systems, IP Security Systems, Microsoft Technologies and much more. In many cases, if the solution does not exist in the market place, our in-house solution development teams will work with clients to create custom technologies.

Rather than merely responding to a company’s technology needs, Desert Lab Studio takes on an active role within a client’s executive management team, working with its clients to design, deploy and maintain technology solutions increasing the operational efficiency of the organization. Taking on this role inside of an organization allows Desert Lab Studio vCIOs, engineering, development, design, and support staff to intelligently manage technology solutions that will change the way the business or institution operates.

Interested in Working With Us?

Whether it’s resource and capacity planning, solution implementation, or the end-to-end management of business systems and product design, Desert Lab Studio solution experts are available to help reduce overhead and ensure the success of your business.