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Desert Lab Studio Is aVenture Technology Partner

Much the same way a Venture Capital company invests money in a business, a Venture Technology (VT) company invests technology. In exchange for royalty arrangements or equity participation, Desert Lab Studio invests its expertise, skills, and best practices honed by years of providing product design, software development, operational support, and professional services on behalf of select partners.

Is Venture Technology a good fit?

The Venture Technology model fits some companies better than others. We have found the most successful partners are motivated entrepreneurs building a new business, or an established business venturing out with a new product idea. A partnership with a technology provider, like Desert Lab Studio, who shares in the goals of the business enables your company to stay ahead of the competition.

Venture Technology fit
Venture Technology partners

Why Partner with Us?

Desert Lab Studio solution experts reduce overhead and ensure the success of your business. Whether it's resource and capacity planning, solution implementation, or the end-to-end management of converged technology solutions, Desert Lab Studio has you covered.

We are in the business of providing technology adoption through consulting and hands on implementation within organizations. Our professional team is composed of people with business, technology, and software engineering backgrounds. We bring a knowledgeable and experienced perspective to ensure your get the most value out of technology solutions. We are forward thinking, prudent, and realistic.

Venture Technology Signup

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