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Product offerings based on real-world needs.

Leveraging knowledge gained through solving real-world industry problems, our team over-invests in applications to bring broader solutions to market. Check out these offerings powered by Desert Lab Studio. They are available through Venture Technology, industry partners, or home grown.


Theater Toolkit Mobile-First Theater Website and Ticketing Solution

Theater Toolkit is a mobile-first, modern website and marketing platform.

Designed for theater owners and their patrons, Theater Toolkit provides a tried and tested user experience tailored and branded to your theater. Theater Toolkit is lightning fast, and integrates seamlessly with your on site Theater Management System.

Our custom checkout process works directly with your existing point of sale system to streamline the reserved ticket purchasing process. Update your site's content easily and painlessly, all while providing your patrons with a great online experience on phones, tablets, and computers.

LaborForce Pro The best management system for home care providers

LaborForce Pro is a secure, cloud-based software solution that eliminates significant administrative overhead while maintaining agency compliance. LaborForce Pro is EVV compliant, and includes direct service provider (DSP) online onboarding, time entry, electronic (ACH) payments, and simplifies payer reimbursements within a single integrated solution.


Captive Content

Promote your business, advertise your products and services, or bring educational value to your users. With Captive Content, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.

Captive Content is a service that takes a custom microsite (miniature website) and fits it with complex tracking tools, then assigns that microsite to display on selected devices. Key user interactions are recorded, allowing us to build an overall profile of user behavior. Reports are provided detailing the user reach and performance for content.

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Whether it’s resource and capacity planning, solution implementation, or the end-to-end management of business systems and product design, Desert Lab Studio solution experts are available to help reduce overhead and ensure the success of your business.