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Website ProjectThe Seven Challenges


The Seven Challenges was in need of a new website design that would make their program more accessible and appealing. Additionally, they had plans to expand their program to adults as well as adolescents. The new website would therefore have to be easily grown and edited, and would require comprehensive document storage for its many counselor resources.

What We Delivered

  • Website redesign and rebuild
  • Branding assistance
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Custom solution for counselor login and document access


Seven Challenges' primary goal in redesigning their site was to educate the prospective client and to get more counselors to adopt their program. Seven Challenges' focus, however, is on outreach, and they preferred their design not to have too much of an emphasis on sales as they wanted to avoid appearing disingenuous.

We knew we needed to push Seven Challenges' key focus, youth rehabilitation, while also allowing for that key focus to expand to adult programs. It was key, therefore, to build the solution on a platform that would allow for easy growth, document storage, and content editing.


We build the new Seven Challenges site on the Umbraco CMS, which is a simple, easy-to-use content management system that allows for easy site expansion, user management, and resource storage.

With the goal of engaging with more prospective clients in mind, we put a contact form at the bottom of every page, so that no matter where a user is they are always able to quickly reach out to The Seven Challenges.

Serving existing clients was also a necessary feature of Seven Challenges' site rebuild. Embedded in the header and mobile navigation is a link to the counselor login page, where current clients can access all pertinent documents for the Seven Challenges program easily and efficiently.

We knew that user education was also vitally important to Seven Challenges. Therefore, content pages were designed to be minimal and uncluttered, making good use of white space to keep the user focused and avoid fatigue. To that same end, large, page-spanning photos at the top of nearly ever page retain user focus and drive engagement.

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New User Acquisition

The bar graph compares new user acquisition in August 2017 (before the new site was deployed) to that of September 2017 (after the new site was deployed).

10% increase

Search Engine Optimization

The bar graph compares organic search acquisitions in August 2017 (before the new site was deployed) to that of September 2017 (after the new site was deployed).

The pie graph breaks down organic search acquisitions in the latter period by source (Google, Bing, etc.).

Contact 4


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