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Website ProjectSimply Bits

We were privileged to work with our sister company, Simply Bits, to build their new website.


Simply Bits was in need of a website redesign to bring their online presence up to the standards of modern web design. They also needed their site built on an intuitive and scalable content management system, as they had plans to include a large number of pages, customer support documents, and frequently asked questions.

What We Delivered

  • Website redesign and rebuild
  • Branding design and guidance
  • Content management system setup and training
  • Monthly site maintenance and support
  • Ongoing design and marketing support


Simply Bits has a large and constantly growing client base, and so we needed to ensure that, no matter where a user was on the site, they could either find the information they needed easily or could contact Simply Bits quickly for any unanswered questions.

Simply Bits' previous site was mostly focused on user education, however, and they wanted to drive more potential customers toward sales. With this goal in mind, we knew that the call to action had to be clear and present throughout the site, and that the user would never have to go far to find it.

We also needed to ensure that, however Simply Bits' solution was built, they could manage and edit their broad scope of content easily and effectively. Mobile-responsiveness and site speed was also hugely important, as mobile devices were becoming mainstream means of browsing the web.


We built Simply Bits' new site on the Sitefinity CMS, which allows for easy site expansion, resource storage, and page editing. Our solution was also built to be entirely mobile-responsive, so that no matter what content was added it would be easily viewable on mobile devices.

To bring Simply Bits' new site design into the modern era, we made heavy use of large, custom graphics and photos, driving user engagement and retaining user focus on important content and calls to action.

Every template designed emphasized the main call to action, which was to call Simply Bits' sales representatives. The phone number, which changes dynamically depending on where a user is on the site, is prominently featured in the header and elsewhere. Content throughout the site emphasizes Simply Bits' myriad products and services, funneling the user toward Simply Bits' desired goal of increasing sales.

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The difference between Simply Bits' previous site and its current one is night and day. Since the redesign, user acquisitions and engagement have soared.

User Acquisition

The bar graph compares user sessions in 2013 (before the new site was deployed) to those of 2014 (in which year the new site was deployed).

26% increase

Search Engine Optimization

The bar graph compares organic search acquisitions in the period of 2013 (before the new site was deployed) to those of 2014 (in which year the new site was deployed).

The pie graph breaks down organic search acquisitions in 2014 by source (Google, Bing, etc.).


Desert Lab Studio's skill in developing, ux and design is only rivaled by their excellent communication and project management. The final product is a testament to their dedication in understanding the client's needs. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations!

—Simply Bits Marketing

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