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Dr. Leber had updated his branding and was in need of a redesign of his current site, as well as some search engine optimization. We set him up on the Umbraco CMS, which would allow us and Dr. Leber to maintain his site much more easily. We took direction from the new logo, colors, and typography to design and build Leber Orthodontics' new website.

What We Delivered

  • Website redesign and rebuild
  • Search engine optimization
  • Monthly internet marketing reports
  • Monthly suggestions on how to improve search engine ranking


Dr. Leber admired the simplicity and ease-of-use of social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. With this direction in mind, we presented a design that resembled those sites' interfaces.

Dr. Leber's current site had put him at the top of search engine rankings for years, and we didn't want to topple him from that well-deserved spot. With that in mind, we carefully constructed a sitemap that would not only keep his ranking, but improve it over time.

Additionally, we guided Dr. Eric in writing additional content for the site, and made sure each page was up to our high SEO standards.


We built a dynamic, easily growable solution on the open-source Umbraco CMS. This provided us a lot of much-needed flexibility in comparison to the previous build of his site.

Today, the Leber Orthodontics website continues to grow and evolve. Thanks to our monthly internet marketing reports and tips, we and Dr. Leber act as a team to stay on top of his search engine ranking.

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Unique Page Views

The bar graph shows the total unique page views in the period of May-July 2017 (before the new site was deployed) in comparison to August-October 2017 (after).

15% increase

Search Engine Optimization

The bar graph shows total organic search acquisitions in the period of May-July 2017 (before the new site was deployed) in comparison to August-October 2017 (after). The pie graph breaks down organic search acquisitions in the latter period by source (Google, Bing, and others).


When I needed a website for my orthodontic practice, there were a vast variety of options of companies building websites, such as national corporate companies or orthodontic niche companies. But I wanted someone local, someone I could actually meet with in person, someone I could build a relationship with. Man, I am so glad I called Desert Lab Studio. They built my first website over 8 years ago. I love my site but what I love more is the ability to make changes on the fly, the speedy response time and most importantly, I can tell they care about the quality of the site and the site performance. I am not just a number or client to them. They genuinely care about me and the success of my business and this has made all the difference in the world in my opinion. I was so glad, and I am still glad, that I have Desert Lab Studio on my side.

—Eric Leber

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