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Website ProjectArizona Mohs Surgery

Client Needs

Arizona Mohs Surgery, a local skin cancer surgery and care practice in Tucson, Arizona, was just launching their new business and was in need of a website.

They had an online patient portal from their EMR system as a critical resource, but knew they needed something more public-facing to inform people about the benefits of their unique practice. They wanted the site to be more personal than clinical, and to reflect their local, family-owned roots.

What We Delivered

  • Custom design
  • New website implementation on the Umbraco CMS
  • Custom contact forms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ongoing analytics reports, site maintenance, and marketing services

Our Approach

At Desert Lab Studio, we followed our standard project life cycle. We went through several key evaluations before diving into the design. We made sure to understand Arizona Mohs Surgery's particular design tastes, what their competitors were doing, and what the artistic limits might be for the market.

Arizona Mohs Surgery wanted the main focus of their site to be to inform and entice. They did not want to overwhelm users with information, but neither did they want to discourage them by offering too little. They wanted to leave users with the impression that their practice was small, local, and family-owned, while also being the height of professionalism.

With our goals defined and research complete, Desert Lab Studio set out to design something both unique and approachable—something which was understated and professional, yet undeniably custom-made.

Our Solution

Leveraging the color palette Arizona Mohs Surgery used to paint the interior of their new building, as well as the logo they provided, we aspired to create a design that was both subdued and sophisticated.

It was important to Arizona Mohs Surgery that the site convey that they are deeply embedded in the Tucson community. With that in mind, we dedicated a whole section of the site to the ways in which their practice is either locally- or American-made: from their website to their furniture, and even the very construction materials of their building.

In the end, we provided Arizona Mohs Surgery with a website built for both their patients and their prospective clients. We also went through extensive pains to make sure the site was not only pleasing to look at, but pleasing to interact with as well. To accomplish this we focused on small details, such as adding smooth transitions between pages and keeping the pastel palette light and inviting throughout.

A well-crafted user experience was not our only goal, of course. We finished the site with a full sweep of optimizations for search engines, and continue to support Arizona Mohs Surgery today with regular content updates and analytics reports complete with SEO improvement suggestions.

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